Do you need help with Innovation, construction and machining ?


Product Development / Design

We offer product development and design along with machining and a large network of partners. We deliver innovation in terms of development but also machining, painting , warehousing and logistics.



We process/machine and surface our own products in a modern machine park with a great variety of possibilities. Everything from single piece (prototype) manufacturing to long production runs.

15- years of experience with machining in a variety of materials.


Prototype and model manufacturing

We deliver product prototypes to customers during their development process. We also possess knowledge of designing and manufacturing the customers and / or the foundrys model equipment that is the premise of the cast product .



Härenviks also offers its customers a range of fittings and nozzles. Valves, pressure gauges , hoses and nipples in great variety manufactured and kept in stock . We have several flexible intermediate goods as customized according to customer specifications .

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