MACHINING (Milling & Turning)

fras fras2MACHINING (Milling & Turning)

We offer “cutting-edge” services in respect of machining cast and forged materials, especially when we got involved at the design stage.
Our knowledge of cast materials and understanding of its structure gives us optimization opportunities.
In this way, each product we help produce becomes more profitable for our customer.
This is one of our strongest competitive advantages.
We have 15 years experience in the machining of a variety of materials.
As we have the machinery that provides cutting up to five axis, we can refine the material in advanced designs


Value added processing in a range of machines specifically built to handle milling and turning in
Castiron, sheet metal, bras steel and stailless steel.


The key of sucussfull machining are related to the fixture, we are producing fixtures with hydraulic mounts.
Custom made in a smart way to each article.


A part of our machines offers turning, short and long series.
Production in steel, brass and stailless steel are constand running.

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