Prototype and Model – manufacturing

modprot1 modprot2Product prototypes and Pattern equipments

We offer production of product prototypes in a few ways, It´s commonly related to the customers developmet process.
We are also a construction company and a manufacturer of foundry pattern equipments and core boxes.
They are produced in wood, steel, aluminum or plastic materials, always related the construction of the part and volume
we find a way to produce in cast iron efficient.
Construction and optimization close thogether with our partner suppliers.



Härenviks supplies a complete prototype whether the project concerns a single machined article or comprehensive multi part “whole product”.
We handle prototypes from its simplest form into large complex products in projects where we take the role of our customers development team.


We know how to see the possibilities in a smart designed model that provides the right quality castings.
We can whole range from simple hand forming models to high-performance models for complex designs.
When the construction requires it we also manufacture core boxes.
We produce model kits in the following materials: plastic, wood, steel and aluminum.
Knowledge is the key for the optimized mold design which gives value to the customer and foundry.

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