Product development and Construction



At Härenviks we offers our customers product development and/or redesign of your product. We achieve maximum value when we work together to develop the whole.
We know that many of our customers products has not reached its full potential.
Our approach manifests itself often in a redesign of welded products to an optimized design of a molded material.
With the right tools we are developing your product/design in both cad software and real world machining.
Our strength is to offer the intersection of product development and design along with machining and a large network of partners.
We deliver innovation in terms of development but also machining, painting , warehousing and logistics. Thus , we become the customer’s comprehensive supplier.
Härenviks has 15 years of experience in the development of fireplaces in cast iron.
We have been successful in development projects related to consumer fireplaces, industrial and machine builders.

Long term relations

Härenviks approch to handle projects and identifying customer needs are a little special.
With our commitment and extensive knowledge about machings, cast iron and product development/construction gives the end customers a large valve far above the normal level.

Key Supplier – Partnership

We are much stronger together with our network of suppliers and parterns.
We have long relations with supplierts close to our production but also with big companies in the of whole Europe.
Härenviks has the benefit to freely choose right foundry or parter to delivery as big value as possible to our end customer.
Our target are the grow in a stable way close and with our suppliers and customers

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