About Härenviks

AT ‘s journey from 1998 to today’s Härenviks Sweden AB

1998 Thomas Adolfsson , owner of the Härenviks Sweden AB, started business at home in his machine shop.
Under the name of AT Model Products AB.
The idea of ​​the company was on a consulting basis to support companies in the market with development often linked to products in cast materials and designs.
The company grew and together with customers , business developed in several ways.
Processing equipment was purchased and the operation was soon followed by the development, acquisition , processing and delivery of complete solutions to customers in different segments often in cast materials .

2006 We outgrew our premises and the move went to Eksjö city to expand further.
The trend continued and the cooperation with one of our largest customers increased.
Several machines were acquired and a design department was formed within the company.

2010 We had grown so much that even these premises have become too cramped and we were forced to realocate to our current premises at Hässelåsgatan 5.
We made a major investment in machinery, modern offices, large stock and the acquisition of a major transport pathway for dealing with fireplace output to one of our customers in the best possible way.
Our customer base was widened and the company became active in several different segments industry, machine manufacturers , urban transport and others.

2012 During the autumn of this year, Thomas learned that Härenviks Metall had a tough situation.
Härenviks Metall AB was bought to supplement the machined/turned activities already conducted.
Härenviks Metall was operated for a short time at its premises in Myresjö but was moved in November 2012 to Eksjö and Hässelåsgatan.

2013 During the latter part of the year there was a greater focus on marketing and a development project was started.

2014 The project that launched in 2013 was continued and resulted in that a sales organization was established , a new website was developed and a name change was planned.

2015 In January, the change of name from AT Modell Produkter AB to the Härenviks Sweden AB.
During spring of 2015, Härenviks Metall AB is to be merged into Härenviks Sweden AB and in this way become bigger and stronger as a company.
Härenviks Sweden AB as a whole offers services in four areas.

  • Product Development & Construction.
  • Machining
  • Prototype & Model manufacturing
  • Fittings

Härenviks is now equipped to continue their journey to evolve and meet each customer’s needs.

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